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Lesson Plans to help you teach and understand Indigenous Worldviews and Culture

(Source: http://www.fourdirectionteachings.com) About the project: Four Directions Teachings celebrates Indigenous oral traditions by honoring the process of listening with intent as each elder or traditional teacher shares a teaching from their perspective on the richness and value of cultural traditions from their nation. read more

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Nation Lesson Plan Subject Strands Teachings Knowledge Additional Resources
(Grades 1-6)Blackfoot Lesson Plan Language Arts, Music, Dance The Tipi, The Circle Model, The Powwow
  • To identify the circle model as central to Blackfoot ideology
  • To identify the circle as the basis of the Blackfoot tipi and powwow
  • To identify the powwow as a traditional Aboriginal social gathering
Additional Resources
(Grades 1-6)Cree Lesson Plan Language Arts, Social Studies Four Directions, Four Aspects of Self
  • To gain insight as to the perpetual nature of life and death
  • To identify the Cree as an Aboriginal people with traditional beliefs
  • To recognize change as a natural process
Additional Resources
(Grades 1-6)Ojibwe Lesson Plan Geography, Natural Science, Astronomy The Medicine Wheel, Tradition, The Four Directions, The Centre of the Wheel
  • To identify the Ojibwe as an Aboriginal people with traditional teachings
  • To develop awareness of the natural environment
  • To become familiar with the meanings of the terms “Medicine Wheel”, “sacred”, “traditional”,
    “direction”, “respect” and “survival”
Additional Resources
(Grades 1-6)Mohawk Lesson Plan Social Studies Giving Thanks, Thanksgiving Address, Morning Prayer
  • Identify occasions in which social custom calls for giving thanks
  • To describe the benefits of demonstrating gratitude to others
  • To develop some awareness of people and things that make life meaningful
Additional Resources
(Grades 1-6)Mi’kmaq Lesson Plan Language Arts, Dramatic Arts, Visual arts, Healthy Living, Geography, Science Mi’kmaq Creation Story
  • To understand creation from a Mi’kmaq perspective
  • To reflect, deconstruct and evaluate the Mi’kmaq Creation Story
  • To develop some awareness of people and things that make life meaningful
Additional Resources

Additional Resources:

Thank you to all the elders and people involved in bringing these resources to the educational community. -FNER

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