Turtle Island Voices CANADA – Levelled Book Series: Grade 1 – 8

Turtle Island Voices – Levelled Book Series: Grade 1 – 8

The stories within Turtle Island Voices are told in many parts of Canada. “Turtle Island” refers to the continent of North America, based on the creation stories of many Aboriginal peoples. Though the stories vary, many tell of the continent being created on the back of a great turtle.

Integrating Turtle Island Voices into the classroom not only helps to foster a sense of identity among Aboriginal students, but it also enriches all students with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit perspectives. Turtle Island Voices honours the histories, cultures, worldviews, and knowledge of Canada’s Aboriginal communities with exciting stories, information, and graphics that will pique students’ interest in learning about Aboriginal peoples and cultures.

Complete with Teacher Guides

Turtle Island Voices CANADA – Home.

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