KIDS FROM KANATA School-based on-line cultural exchanges

KIDS FROM KANATA School-based on-line cultural exchanges.

Managing large amounts of information and establishing a personal connection for students is a crucial challenge for teachers on-line. KA-NA-TA addresses this important issue by organizing all schools into small manageable groups of three (triads).

One or two of the three schools in these triads always represent an Aboriginal community and the three classrooms are grouped by the project coordinators for a similarity of age and a diversity of culture and geography. The three sites then create and organize their own electronic, virtual classroom, spanning the country. Schools with greater resources of technology and experience provide extra support to those who are just beginning. From their own triad conference area on the network and with an action-oriented focus, classes trade information, research their communities and practice consensus-building skills. Students take charge of this process by developing their own questions and researching their responses from the other schools.


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