Indian Residential School Resources (WEBSITE)

indian residential school resources websiteThe IRSSS’s Education Project was created with support and in conjunction with the community-based Vancouver Foundation. It is designed to help educators teach their students about Indian Residential Schools by developing accurate, balanced, and engaging lesson plans and resources to supplement Social Studies and other course curriculums.

Lesson Plans

Introduction to teaching residential schools

Lesson Plan 1: Researching Residential Schools

Lesson Plan #1a: Background

Lesson Plan #1b: Focus

Lesson Plan #1c: Identify

Lesson Plan#1d: Plan

Lesson Plan 2: Toward Reconciliation

Section 2: Backgrounder – Teacher Orientation

Lesson Plan #2a: Roots

Lesson Plan #2b: Relocation or Removal?

Lesson Plan #2c: Reconciliation

Lesson Plan #2d: Rights and Responsibilities


Social Studies Table

Social Responsibility Learning Rubric Grade 10


1) A Condensed Timeline of Events

1a) Timeline Supplement

2) Introduction to Relevant Terms

3) Visual Cluster Map

3a) Cluster Map Outline

4) Graphic Organizer: Major Legislation Related to Residential Schools

5) Teaching Guide: The Fallen Feather

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