Indigenous Friends App


This app is for the Indigenous community of York University and University of Manitoba.
Indigenous Friends is a mobile app that seeks to give a safe space and information to Indigenous Youth. The Mobile App currently has four main objectives:
– Connect Indigenous Youth (Chat and Directory)
– Inform about Indigenous Resources and Program (Resources, FAQs, Calendars, Events)
– Generate spaces of Discussion and Sharing (Forums)
– Crisis Management (Crisis Management Buttons)
This App has been developed with the consent and participation of the Aboriginal Community in York University in Toronto, Canada (Elders, students, faculty, staff).

Elders: Blu Waters, Billie Allan
Faculty: Ruth Koleszar-Green
Staff: Nancy Johnson, Jolene John, Randy Pitawanakwat
Students and community members: Lisa Stewart, Samantha Craig-Curnow, Thane Higgins, Rob Lackie, Tsitra Mckay, Jared Visitor, Mariah Abotossaway, Kayla Webber, Jesse Thistle, Candice Jacko, Robyn Grant-Moran, Serena Hill, Joseph Milando, Stefano Federici

Supervisors: Miguel Gonzalez, Stephen Chen, William Wicken

Isuma TV

About isuma-tv-captureIsumaTV is a collaborative multimedia platform for indigenous filmmakers and media organizations.
The collective platform currently carries over 5000 videos, and thousands of other images and audio files, in more than 70 different languages, on 800+ user-controlled channels, representing cultures and media organizations from Canada, U.S.A., Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and all over Latin America. IsumaTV is available to anyone with an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device. [read more]

For information contact us at

Dr. Darlene Kitty featured on SRC TV program Hippocrate

dr-kittyChisasibi’s Dr. Darlene Kitty, President of the Council of Physicians, Pharmacists and Dentists and member of the Board of Directors of the CBHSSJB, was the subject of a TV program that aired on national TV in November 2012. The program makes it clear why Dr. Kitty is a local hero to her patients and colleagues at the Chisasibi Regional Hospital. (read more)

Hippocrate #6 – ENGLISH VERSION from Tortuga Films on Vimeo.

Filmed in 2012, this film by Tortuga Films aired on the Société Radio-Canada TV show Hippocrate in November 2012.


Video: Seven Grandfathers

Published on Jun 22, 2015

Grade 7/8 students at First Nations School of Toronto created the beat, wrote the lyrics, and recorded this music video on the Seven Grandfather Teachings in partnership with a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL and J-Rebel from Right to Play Canada. Please show your love and support by sharing/liking this video!

EPS launches digital comic book

EPS launches digital comic book

“Alex Decoteau!” Alex stepped forward at the sound of his name. The small crowd of family members and well-wishers who came to witness the swearing-in of the city’s newest police officers, clapped in appreciation.

One hundred and thirteen years ago, Alex Decoteau made Canadian policing history.

The young Metis man from Saskatchewan moved to Edmonton in 1909 to work in his brother-in-law’s machine shop. Two years later, Alex joined the Edmonton Police Department, becoming the first Aboriginal police officer in Canada.

Now, Alex’s life story is the subject of LEGACY OF HEROES, a digital comic produced by the Edmonton Police Service.

[Read More]


Read the Legacy of Heroes digital Comic.


Source: Edmonton Police Service

Video: Babakiueria

Don Featherstone | Australia 1986 | 30 min

A political mockumentary reversing the situation in Australia, where blacks landed in a white culture and took over.




I originally viewed this video during the online Aboriginal Worldviews Course held last summer at UToronto.


Singuistics Ipad App

Singuistics AppDescription

Singuistics: Learn Inuktitut Through Music

Learn traditional and original songs by Inuit musicians in a fun, three-step program. Experience the music alongside illustrations by Nunavut’s best artists. Practice singing the songs yourself to improve your pronunciation of Inuktitut words and phrases. Then, once you’re ready, record your final performance and share it with your friends!

Explore the language of Inuktitut in a fun, natural way. By listening, exploring and singing Inuktitut songs you will begin to gain an understanding and appreciation of not only the language, but also the rich culture that makes up the Inuit world.

– Three traditional songs from Inuit culture.
– A three step method of learning in which the user listens, practices then records his/her own version of each song.
– A unique language lesson for each and every word.
– Original artwork done by authentic Nunavut artists.
– Nunavut produced, made and owned. This App is a gateway into the incredible world of Inuit culture and language.

Inuvialuktun One Language App

Inuvialuktun OneBy Yamózha Kúé Society


Paarutit! The Government of Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture and Employment, and the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre are delighted to present an Inuvialuktun (Uummarmiutun) Language App now available FREE on the iTunes App store. This app offers language learning, practice, games and quizzes in many everyday categories such as greetings, phrases, vowels, expressions and much more. Learn your language and surprise your elders. Quyanaq!

  • Seller: Yamozha Kue Society

More Apps from this developer including:  Gwich’in Alpha, South Slavey, Denededline, Shutaot’ine, Tlicho Languages

My Cree – Learn the Plains Cree Language – Nehiyawetan: Let’s Speak Cree

mycree-screenshotBy Nehiyawetan Productions

My Cree is a fun way to begin speaking Plains Cree. Designed with Native youth in mind, the user interface looks great and is cool to use. With My Cree it is easy to find, listen to and practice the words and phrases. We’ve grouped the several hundred words and phrases into easy to navigate categories such as Activities, Family, and Food. Each word and phrase example is clearly spoken by a fluent Plains Cree speaker who taught Cree for over 30 years. We offer a Pronunciation Guide to the Cree alphabet, with audio examples and explanations to help you understand and speak Cree. We also offer real life phrases so you can go beyond simple word use quickly.

Designed for: iPhone and iPad


Visit the My Cree App website.

Tusaalanga Inuktitut Language App

Tusaalanga App Description

NOTE: There appears to be a random issue with iOS 7 and our app. We’re working to fix it and hopefully will have a new version up soon. If you are unable to hear the audio, please use our              website: instead

Inuktitut, the unique, millennia old language of the Inuit is spoken in various forms across the circumpolar world. As a people, Inuit inhabit the arctic coastlines from Greenland through  Canada’s North and into Alaska and Russia.

The Tusaalanga Inuktitut for iOS app is the newest resource in support of Inuktitut language learning in the Nunavut region of Canada. It is based on the award winning website and provides access to thousands of sound files, grammar notes, vocabulary, dialogues and more.

Features unique to this application include:

Personal Glossary: This feature allows you to use the built-in mic/camera to create, record, edit and manage your own glossaries.

Dialect Selection: One of five Inuktitut dialect variations can be selected through the “Settings” control

Syllabic Text Input/Display: The application supports use of both Syllabic and Romanised Inuktitut text. This includes text input through an automatic conversion/transliteration tool – simply type in standardized roman and it will convert to syllabics.

© 2011 Pirurvik Centre

Maskwacis Cree App

Maskwacis-Cree-App-screenshot   The Maskwacis Cree app is from the Samson Cree Nation. We hope this app will help you learn this beautiful language.

App includes:
– 20 categories
– 3 games and 3 quizzes
– Culture Notes with songs, video, historical images
and much more!

© Samson Cree Nation

The Maskwacis Cree language app is now available for download in iTunes. It can be downloaded for free for 2 months, after which there will be a $0.99 fee.

Wikwemikong to launch Odawa Language App

The Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve Chief and Council have made an investment in language retention and promotion by utilizing modern technology. The ancestral language of the community is Odawa but is now composed of all three distinct dialects of the Anishnaabe language; Ojibwe, Odawa and Pottawatomi.

Wikwemikong is currently in the process of developing an “Odawa Language App” for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets through partnerships with the Wikwemikong Heritage Organization (WHO) and the Naagdawendaanda Anishinabemowin Committee (NAC). The group is developing the language App utilizing Wikwemikong’s ancestral Odawa dialect of the Anishnaabe language. An Advisory working group will be set up to develop the features and learning tools of the app and will also be formulating the language component.


Nanurluk: A Traditional Inuit Story by Jose Angutinnguriq (free download)


Nanurluk, the giant polar bear, is known as a helping spirit. This story therefore serves as a reminder of reconciliation, where the collective efforts of people go a long way to revitalizing relationships among Inuit throughout Nunavut, between Inuit and Canadian society as a whole.Read More.

Source: Society for Building a Healtheir Kugluktuk

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