EPS launches digital comic book

EPS launches digital comic book

“Alex Decoteau!” Alex stepped forward at the sound of his name. The small crowd of family members and well-wishers who came to witness the swearing-in of the city’s newest police officers, clapped in appreciation.

One hundred and thirteen years ago, Alex Decoteau made Canadian policing history.

The young Metis man from Saskatchewan moved to Edmonton in 1909 to work in his brother-in-law’s machine shop. Two years later, Alex joined the Edmonton Police Department, becoming the first Aboriginal police officer in Canada.

Now, Alex’s life story is the subject of LEGACY OF HEROES, a digital comic produced by the Edmonton Police Service.

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Read the Legacy of Heroes digital Comic.


Source: Edmonton Police Service

Nanurluk: A Traditional Inuit Story by Jose Angutinnguriq (free download)


Nanurluk, the giant polar bear, is known as a helping spirit. This story therefore serves as a reminder of reconciliation, where the collective efforts of people go a long way to revitalizing relationships among Inuit throughout Nunavut, between Inuit and Canadian society as a whole.Read More.

Source: Society for Building a Healtheir Kugluktuk

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Glenbow Museum – Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life (Online Interactive Learning)

Glenbow Museum – Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life / Nitsitapiisinni (Blackfoot People)

Glenbow Museum - Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life / Nitsitapiisinni: Notre mode de vie


Oki Niksokowa. Hello our relatives.

We call ourselves Niitsitapi, although we are known as the Blackfoot. This is our way of life. It is about how we lived with our families, the environment, and our neighbours. It is also about how these relationships are still important to us.

Please come with us and learn about our culture and our history.