Crafting – dance clothing items PDFs

The Noc Bay Trading Company (Noc Bay Publishing) “Learning Circle” provides instruction sheets on dance clothing items. Sample: There are 90 instruction sheets available at:Noc Bay Learning Circle

Haudenosaunee Art Lessons

Haudenosaunee Art Lessons Deyohahá:ge:- Indigenous Knowledge Centre Antlers Clay Pots Pipes Shell Silver Moccasins Cradleboards Lacrosse Sticks Dolls Quillwork Clothing Beadwork Basket Making Source: Six Nations Polytechnic

Traditional Regalia Making

Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge Juaquin Lonelodge is a former national Men’s Fancy Dance champion and master regalia craftsman. In these videos Juaquin takes you step by step through the processes of Making Regalia. Credit: Cheyenne Arapaho Television at Making Regalia – Episode 1 – making geometric design work (tipi/teepee applique) Making Regalia –…

Junior Division – Drawing Unit; Drawing it Out

Junior Division – Drawing Unit Drawing it Out Lead Writer: Tanya Senk Unit Writer: Shelley Dennis Reviewer: Lisa Sanders Overview Grade 6, Visual Arts: Drawing The purpose of this unit is to infuse Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) perspectives into the curriculum through Visual Arts. It is important to avoid replicating and producing stereotypical…

Mikinak: Teacher Awareness Guide

This manual is supported by a Web page ( with additional information and activities. Source: First Nations Education Council

Lesson: Sharing the Seven Sacred Teachings through Puppetry

Traditionally, First Nations cultures relied on oral story telling as the main means to pass on cultural information. Sharing the Seven Sacred Teachings through Puppetry helps students acquire more information about this oral tradition.Sharing_the_Seven_Sacred_Teachings_Oct7.pdf (application/pdf Object). Key Learning Areas: History/Social Studies English/Language Arts Arts

Aboriginal Perspectives – Video Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources Make cultural connections in your classroom! Videos, power point presentations and activities! Teaching Ideas Curriculum Connections Tipi raising with Tim Haywahe K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts Tipi raising with Elder Glen Anaquod K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts Cassandra Opikokew Journalist Arts Education, Career Guidance, Mathematics and Native…

Copper Thunderbird Study Guide (Play)

Copper Thunderbird Guide.pdf. Norval Morriseau can also be used as a Novel Study to coincide with the book: Marie Clements (Author) Copper Thunderbird. Talonbooks.

Wapikoni – Aboriginal Media

Visit Wapikoni A project by and for indigenousThe Wapikoni, traveling studio training and audiovisual and musical creation, has been around for seven years in First Nations communities of Quebec. Created by filmmaker Manon Barbeau, Wapikoni was co-founded by the Council of the Nation Atikamekw and the Youth Council of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador….