Circle of Stories Lesson Plans: Grades 8-12

Circle of Stories Lesson Plans: Grades 8-12

Lesson Plan Subject Description Link
Lesson 1: It’s All Part of the Story Language Arts/Theater Storytelling reflects the rich cultural and religious heritage of the generations before us, and it leads us to understand how our past has influenced our present. Use this plan to help students learn to share their story while learning to appreciate stories from others. Printable Version
Lesson 2: Our Small World Language Arts/Civics Invite students to explore indigenous and Native culture, and promote appreciation for the contributions from these cultures. Use this plan to teach your students about cultural conservation and to bring more understanding about the issues that tribes face today. Printable Version
Lesson 3: Record and Preserve Your Family Stories Language Arts/Technology/Life Science In this activity, students will learn the basics for and importance of recording their own family history. Students will learn about the right questions that will provide insight to their family stories, and will research, collect and share stories that will bring them closer to their heritage while possibly spawning a lifelong interest in genealogy. Printable Version

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Industry in the Classroom | Free for High Schools w/ large indigenous population

Industry in the Classroom

Industry in the Classroom is a series of 2.5 hour curriculum modules designed to increase awareness amongst Indigenous youth about the various career opportunities in the Canadian workforce and open doors to employment. Through these curriculum modules students are recruited to careers in various industries and are motivated to stay in school.

Indspire has partnered with Canadian corporations, federal departments, national organizations, and other private sector companies to implement Industry in the Classroom. Indigenous educators and youth participated in focus groups and directed the curriculum’s design.

1. Mining
2. Radio Broadcasting
3. Television Broadcasting
4. Health
5. Inuit Health
6. Environmental Health
7. Circle of Justice
8. Railway Careers

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Aboriginal Perspectives – Video Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

Make cultural connections in your classroom! Videos, power point presentations and activities!

Teaching Ideas Curriculum Connections
Tipi raising with Tim Haywahe K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts

Tipi raising with Elder Glen Anaquod
K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts

Cassandra Opikokew Journalist
Arts Education, Career Guidance, Mathematics and Native Studies

Birch bark biting with Rosella Carney
Mathematics and Sciences
Tara Littlechief Nurse Arts Education, Mathematics and Social Studies

Kelly Quewezance Social Worker
Mathematics and Social Studies
Dr. Alika Lafontaine Physician Arts Education, Mathematics and Social Studies

Source: Aboriginal Perspectives: faculty and students at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada