Dr. Darlene Kitty featured on SRC TV program Hippocrate

Chisasibi’s Dr. Darlene Kitty, President of the Council of Physicians, Pharmacists and Dentists and member of the Board of Directors of the CBHSSJB, was the subject of a TV program that aired on national TV in November 2012. The program makes it clear why Dr. Kitty is a local hero to her patients and colleagues…

Comic: Tribute to First Nations Runner, Tom Longboat

Tom Longboat, Onondaga champion and a cool guy, by all accounts. Here’s a short read that will give you a sense of him. Here is a case for Tom Longboat Day in the Ontario Legislature. Since you find his name often put next to phrases like “deserves more recognition,” Tom Longboat Day was officially passed…

Indigenous Women Trialblazers (list)

List of Female Indigenous Born in Northern Turtle Island (A.k.a. Canada) and Did It First List-of-Female-Indigenous-Born-in-Northern-Turtle-Island-A-k-a-Canada-and-Did-It-First Author: Sally Simpson

Role Models Directory (pdf)

Work produced by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services CommissionRole Models Directory (pdf).

Aboriginal Educators’ Poster Series

Source: Aboriginal Education Directorate, Manitoba Also see: Profiles of Aboriginal Educators: Footprints for the Future Booklet created to promote education as a career choice.

First Nations Health Council – Role Model Posters

The First Nations Health Council and the Four Host First Nations Society are pleased to recognize 5 everyday hero’s from First Nations Communities across BC. The Healthy Role Model Poster series was born from the idea that “our greatest inspiration comes from our families, neighbours and friends.” This poster series is no longer available to…