Traditional Gathering (Pow Wow Celebrations) Handout

The Pow-Wow is a celebration of all life and recognizes the spiritual significance of our people. The drum represents the heartbeat of mother earth and by acknowledging the grandmother and grandfather spirits, spirits of the four directions, the unborn, and the people who have passed on. There are special songs for the past warriors and soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our nation.

Pow Wow Tradition

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For many First Nations people across North America, the Pow Wow has become an expression of First Nations identity. For First Nations people in Saskatchewan, it is also a statement of our ability to survive as a people. The Pow Wow in Saskatchewan is an ancient tradition. Pow Wow dancing conveys important traditional teachings. One teaching is that dancers dance not only for themselves but also for all First Nations people. They dance for the sick, the Elderly and those who cannot dance.