Haudenosaunee Culture

Haudenosaunee Culture Thunder Beings in Haudenosaunee Culture 2010 pdf Trees in Haudenosaunee Culture 2010 pdf Teacher Resources Star Knowledge pdf Clan Stories pdf Fish pdf Birds pdf Animals pdf Medicine Plants pdf Source: Six Nations Polytechnic

Ojibwe Lifeways Article

There is a nice article published in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer which examines Ojibwe lifeways in the northwoods by AIRC Executive Director Anton Treuer. The article is archived for free and has an accompanying teacher’s guide for incorporation into classroom use. Teachers Guide for Ojibwe Lifeways This is a PDF file. Source: Minnesota Conservation Volunteer

Ancient Villages & Totem Poles of the Nisga’a – Teacher Resources

Grade Levels: 6-9 Materials: Nisga’a Website Activities & Lesson Plans 1. Totem Pole Puzzle Activity: Activity | Lesson Plan 2. Totem Crest and Stories: Activity | Lesson Plan 3. Photo Analyses: Activity | Lesson Plan Learn more about Nisga’a Totem Poles, Worldviews and Clans at: The Nisga’a Arts & Culture website

A Haudenosaunee Approach to Culture-Based Curriculum: Maple Syrup Season

©Copyright by Priscilla Elise Dessart and Stephenie Muscavitch, 2010 All Rights Reserved Terms/Definitions The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) are a confederacy consisting of five (5) Nations: Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca whose homelands originate in present-day New York State. Culture-based curriculum reflects, validates and promotes the values, world views, and languages of a community’s culture. Description:…

Explore Secwepemc (Shuswap) Pre-Contact Life

This website is perfect for a webquest. You will have the opportunity to explore an interactive pre-contact village and an archeological site. Learn the Secwepemc language and more! Visit Secwepemc

Connecting Traditions: Explore Tsimshian Pre-Contact Life

Connecting Traditions: Tsimshian Pre-Contact Life (photo by Native American Indian – Old Photos – on Facebook) Wonderful online learning resource presented by SD 52 Prince Rupert, British Columbia. First Nations Education Services. Visit Tsimshian Home Page. view photos of Tsimshian people

Traditional Activities – Poster & Video Series

(Source: nnec.on.ca) Traditional Activities Poster Series posters created by our student design team Dogsledding poster Dogsledding video Net-setting poster Net-setting video Trapping … Snowshoeing …. Survival Skills poster Survival Skills video Quinzee Building Quinzee Building Video These posters will be published by Wawatay Communications and distributed to area schools for educational purposes. This work was…

Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life – Teacher Toolkit

. This web site was created as a companion to the Niitsitapiisini Virtual Exhibit created by the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is divided into two main sections: Blackfoot Culture and Learning Resources. Blackfoot Culture – The Blackfoot Culture section of the toolkit provides an overview of the culture and history of the…

Aboriginal Perspectives – Video Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources Make cultural connections in your classroom! Videos, power point presentations and activities! Teaching Ideas Curriculum Connections Tipi raising with Tim Haywahe K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts Tipi raising with Elder Glen Anaquod K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts Cassandra Opikokew Journalist Arts Education, Career Guidance, Mathematics and Native…

Métis History and Culture – Learning Resources

Learning Resources THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF MÉTIS HISTORY AND CULTURE. In traditional Métis society, education was informal and was passed down to youth from the Elders or the “Old People”. This form of education centred on resource extraction and how to make a living off of the land. Since bison were at the centre of…

The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre

FOR STUDENTS Stone Tool Search 9 years plus Duration: 30 minutes Learning Outcomes: Learn more about Archaic stone tools as you virtually recover and identify them. Archaic Tools 9 years plus Duration: 30 minutes Learning Outcomes: Choose the Archaic tools used by the Anishnabe to make the necessities of life. FOR TEACHERS Algonquin Bingo Lesson…

Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute

Learn about the Cree with Aanischaaukamikw Cultural Institute. Overview: Campaigns, Language, Traditional Ways, Network, Arts, Online Exhibits, History, Cree Place Names visit Creeculture.ca

Kekina’muek – Kekina’muek – Learning about the Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia

Kekina’muek – Learning about the Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia Summary: This publication tells the story about the aspects of Mi’kmaw life and history (past and present). There are 10 chapters each with a theme. You will also find suggestions for activities, a vocabulary list, and historical timeline. Grade Level: senior View the entire publication here….