The Two Row Wampum Belt – Brochure

    The Two Row Wampum Belt (Kas-wen-tha) symbolizes the agreement and conditions under which the Haudenosaunee (People of the Long House, Iroquois Six Nations) welcomed the white Europeans to Turtle Island (North America). Historically the Haudenosaunee were nations of people who practiced very sophisticated, yet simple diplomatic principles in their dealings with other nations.Continue reading “The Two Row Wampum Belt – Brochure”

Ojibwe Sky Star Map – Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masinaaigan

Map Created by Annette S. Lee, William P. Wilson, Carl Gawboy, © 2012 Original Painting by Annette S. Lee & William P. Wilson, © 2012 Based on the Ojibwe star map by Carl Gawboy……Ojibwe Language Consultant: William Wilson For more information visit:

The Origins of Culture: An Exploration of the Ktunaxa Creation Stories – Video

Source: youtube user T. Gahr Category: Education Video Description: This video was created as part of a thesis project for a master’s degree in professional communication, and represents an exploration of the Ktunaxa Nation’s creation stories in order to understand the significance of these narratives in the formation and maintenance of the Ktunaxa (also knownContinue reading “The Origins of Culture: An Exploration of the Ktunaxa Creation Stories – Video”

Mi’kmaw Seven Sacred Teachings Resource Guide

Source: Authors: Dorene Bernard and Gordon Pictou This guide was originally created for Pre-school aged children and Maternal Child Health visits with new families. The 7 Teachings are the core values that have always been key to developing healthy adults and healthy communities in our First Nations. The authors fully believe they still areContinue reading “Mi’kmaw Seven Sacred Teachings Resource Guide”

The Early Nicola Valley Unit Plan – Grade 4

The Early Nicola Valley – Grade 4 The areas of study will be on exploring First Nations families of the Nicola Valley. This will include Okanagan and Nle?kepmx families: Pre-contact as well as the present day families. OBJECTIVES: at the end of the unit the students will be able to: • witness and be involvedContinue reading “The Early Nicola Valley Unit Plan – Grade 4”

Kinoomaagewin Mzinigas (Little Teaching Books)

Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways – Kinoomaagewin Mzinigas (Little Teaching Books) (Source: Ziibiwing Center Little Teaching Books) Seven Grandfathers Teachings View part 1 of a series Kinoomaagewin Mzinigas (Little Teaching Books). We need to know the teachings of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers to give us direction and balance. teaching book Clan Systems TeachingsContinue reading “Kinoomaagewin Mzinigas (Little Teaching Books)”