ibook: Lessons From the Earth: Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge

Lessons From the Earth: Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge Teacher Resource Kit – Primary Grades

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Lessons From the Earth is a resource guide for educators that provides a practical application of Indigenous Knowledge into the classroom. The focus of learning is grounded in a traditional Anishinaabe story, Jiig Nong Aadsookan, The Fisher Story.  Included are sample lessons and video modules that support the traditional teachings embedded within the story. Lessons From the Earth is a provocation for student inquiry into topics such as the environment, First Peoples of Canada, Science, Social Studies, as well as important concepts such as love, respect and balance.

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Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life – Teacher Toolkit

Glenbow Museum - Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life / Nitsitapiisinni: Notre mode de vie


This web site was created as a companion to the Niitsitapiisini Virtual Exhibit created by the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is divided into two main sections: Blackfoot Culture and Learning Resources.

Blackfoot Culture – The Blackfoot Culture section of the toolkit provides an overview of the culture and history of the Blackfoot people. This section introduces teachers to the Blackfoot world and how it has changed and adapted over the centuries.

Learning Resources – The Learning Resources section informs teachers of the protocols involved in teaching First Nations students, provides access to instructional units and a list of additional resources. The units are designed to compliment and extend the Virtual Exhibit web activities and include cultural and historical resources, activities and assessment strategies.

Blackfoot Online Learning for Teachers
Online Blackfoot Exhibit for students

Aboriginal Rights Resource Tool Kit – PDF

Aboriginal Rights Resource Tool Kit

Produced by: Canadian Labour Congress Anti-Racism and Human Rights Department

Aboriginal Rights Resource Tool Kit
Author Canadian Labour Congress Anti-racism and Human Rights Department
Title Aboriginal Rights Resource Tool Kit
Year 2002
Editor Canadian Labour Congress
Publisher Canadian Labour Congress
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Ottawa.
Publication Type Resource Kit
Location CRRF Binder and Online
Pages 185.
Subject Aboriginal education; Treaties; Aboriginal Policies; The Indian Act; History; Socio-Economic conditions; Aboriginal Rights; Labour issues
CRRF Identifier AP-AE-Ki-2523
Last modified 2014-03-25
English Abstract

The manual is a resource guide on Aboriginal history, cultural and human rights and treaty rights. It provides the Canadian labour force with information and news on Aboriginal Peoples, it address the issue of stereotyping, colonialism and discrimination, and it initiates dialogue between the labour movement and Aboriginal Peoples, along with providing readers with educational tools on issues that affect Aboriginal communities across Canada and within the work place.
Our Supreme Court said in Simon v. The Queen (1985) ‘ An Indian treaty is unique; it is an agreement sui generis which is neither created nor terminated according to the rules of international law.’ that being so, it seems clear that historically Canadian Aboriginal Peoples have not fared well in asserting rights, which on the face of their treaties, seemed assured to them. By way of an example, a majority of the treaties contain a specific term guaranteeing continuance of the right to hunt and fish over the lands surrendered. (p.2.23).

ToolKit no longer available.

Aboriginal Spirituality and Creation Stories Edukit

Aboriginal Youth Identity Series: Aboriginal Spirituality and Creation Stories Edukit

Created by Heritage Community Foundation

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Lesson Plans for Grades 1-12

Description: We have designed this edukit to be informative and yet sensitive and respectful of Aboriginal culture, spirituality, and creation. It is recommended for all lessons that you seek to develop a connection with an Elder or Aboriginal person in your community to aid you in fully understanding Aboriginal spirituality and the proper protocols involved.

The lessons however will enable you to introduce general concepts to your students. The lessons focus on the importance of oral history, storytelling, and legends as well as exploring the role of Elders in the Aboriginal community. We have developed an excellent resource base that will allow students to examine alternate ways of recording history such as through rock art and medicine wheels.

We have developed a comprehensive Teacher Information section for all lessons as well as an accompanying Teacher Resources section that will allow you to supplement your learning and your students learning on a variety of subjects. Each lesson has been developed to allow students to be full participants in the learning process. We hope you enjoy sharing this valuable and fascinating information with your students!

Grade 1

Lesson 1: Sharing Stories and Passing Down History
Families keep traditions that have been passed down from their parents and grandparents
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teacher resources

Grade 3

Lesson 1: Aboriginal Communities
People maintain their customs and traditions in similar ways
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Grade 3

Lesson 2: Spirituality and Art
People keep their customs and traditions in similar ways
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teacher resources

Grade 5

Lesson 1: Early Canada: Exploration and Settlement
Contact between people in Canada’s early history prior to and during exploration and settlement
brought changes to their lives
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teacher resources

Grade 7

Lesson 1: Native Plant Usage
Beliefs and values influence behavior
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teacher resources

Grade 10-12

Lesson 1: Elders and Storytelling
The Elders guide the process of learning in a traditional community.
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teacher resources

Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre

MISSION: Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre fosters excellence and success by providing comprehensive support services in partnership with our communities across the Sioux Lookout District.

VISION: Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre is a respected, First Nation, community-driven, sustainable Centre of Excellence. We provide comprehensive support systems to ensure learner success, while providing a bilingual and bicultural program

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