NB Aboriginal Workplace Essential Skills – NBAWES Curriculum




Through adapting existing Workplace Essential Skills curriculum to meet the needs of Mi’kmaq and Maliseet adult learners through culturally relevant content, the NBAWES Pilot Project will work to improve literacy skills among the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet populations in NB in a thirty-week course. Adult learners in Miramichi and Fredericton will spend 30 weeks with teachers and coaches improving their literacy and employability skills. To meet the distinctive needs of First Nations adults, the programs in both locations will have clear First Nations identities in terms of content and orientation.

New Brunswick Aboriginal Workplace Essential Skills – NBAWES Curriculum.

Breaking Down the Indian Act with Russell Diabo – YouTube Video

Jennifer Podemski’s Interview: Breaking Down the Indian Act with Russell Diablo
Video Length: 35:03 mins
Grade Level: Grade 6+

Breaking Down the Indian Act with Russell Diabo – YouTube.

More Information on Russell Diabo:
-Follow Russell Diabo at http://twitter.com/russdiabo
-First Nations Strategic Bulletin http://epe.lac-bac.gc.ca/100/201/300/first_nations_strategic_bulletin/index.html

“Indian Givers” (2012) – Rocketship Productions Documentary (1hr)

“Indian Givers” (2012) is a mixed-art documentary film, produced by the Sarnia/Aamjiwnaang-based Kiijig Collective, made collaboratively by and for Native and non-Native youth, shot and edited by Ian Alexander of Rocketship Productions and SCITS student Sadie Mallon. This 60-minute film invites the audience on a journey with the characters by stepping into their lives as they reveal the survival of their spiritual identities in today’s world.INDIAN GIVERS – YouTube.

First Nations Literacy Theme Units – An Instructor’s Guide – PDF

First Nations Literacy Theme Units – An Instructor’s Guide.

Written by Carmen Rodrigues…et al. 1996. Burnaby, BC: Open Learning Agency, 1996. [371.9797 F57
1996] A workbook designed for B.C First Nations groups involved in projects to raise literacy skills.

Introductory Notes
Unit 1: An Introduction to Communication
Unit 2: First Nations History in British Columbia
Unit 3: An Exploration of Our Communities
Unit 4: An Introduction to First Nations Literature
Unit 5: Making Sense of the Legal System

First Nations Literacy Theme Units - An Instructor's Guide - Table of Contents