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Mikinak: Teacher Awareness Guide

This manual is supported by a Web page ( with additional information and activities. Source: First Nations Education Council Advertisements

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The Journey of Nishiyuu Walkers – The Story (Video)

A group of young people from the James Bay Cree community of Whapmagoostui, Que., has arrived at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, ending a 1,600-kilometre trek meant to bring attention to aboriginal issues. Six youths and a guide left Whapmagoostui in

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Anishnaabemowin (Ojibwe) Language Book – |

Grade Levels: Grade 1 & Up including adults Themes/Lessons: 18 Shawanda, Gordon, 1946- Anishnaabemowin: miinwa anishnaabe zheyaawin – Our language, our culture ISBN: 0-9688779-0-7 Lessons are suitable for first grade and up and to first time adult beginners. Students will

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Language Arts Lesson Plans – Grades 1-12 (Dragonfly Canada)

Lesson Plans Download Discrimination & Identity Grade Levels: 7-12 Subjects: Language, English Objective:Students will gain an understanding of how bias and discrimination affect the lives and identities of Aboriginal peoples, and how experiencing bias and discrimination affects the choices people

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Lesson: Sharing the Seven Sacred Teachings through Puppetry

Traditionally, First Nations cultures relied on oral story telling as the main means to pass on cultural information. Sharing the Seven Sacred Teachings through Puppetry helps students acquire more information about this oral tradition.Sharing_the_Seven_Sacred_Teachings_Oct7.pdf (application/pdf Object). Key Learning Areas: History/Social

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Posted in All Grades, Arts, Preschool - K – Omushkego Oral History Project – Omushkego Oral History Project. OurVoices – Stories of Canadian People and Culture The website is intended to provide acces to a wealth of audio material on the history and culture of the People of Canada. Made possible

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Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Journey – Interactive

Have you ever been to Vancouver, British Columbia? See the land through First Nations eyes. This map provides a brief history about first peoples in the area. Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Journey.

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Make Crafts @ – Noc Bay Learning Circle

Learn how to make traditional dance items from drums to jewellery to bustles! Instructions in PDF format.Noc Bay Learning Circle.

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Sharing Culture – First Nations Cultural Awareness

learn more about Mi’kmaw history, culture, and worldview.

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Eastern James Bay Cree Language

Eastern James Bay Cree Language This site is intended as a resource for Cree language teachers, literacy instructors, translators, linguists, and anyone who has an interest in the nuts and bolts of the Cree language. We hope that the live

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Aboriginal Perspectives – Video Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources Make cultural connections in your classroom! Videos, power point presentations and activities! Teaching Ideas Curriculum Connections Tipi raising with Tim Haywahe K-8: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts Tipi raising with Elder Glen Anaquod K-8: Science, Mathematics,

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Aboriginal Spirituality and Creation Stories Edukit

Aboriginal Youth Identity Series: Aboriginal Spirituality and Creation Stories Edukit Created by Heritage Community Foundation visit the main website Lesson Plans for Grades 1-12 Description: We have designed this edukit to be informative and yet sensitive and respectful of Aboriginal

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Seventh Generation Science Experiments Booklet

Seventh Generation Science Experiments Booklets (From: Seventh Generation Club To create a club where First Nations youth can envision their future by recognizing their own energy, the culture of their people, and the teamwork needed to succeed by giving

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Bill Reid (Haida Artist) In the Classroom – lesson pans

Haida artist Bill Reid – “The Raven’s Call” story and animation lesson plans (Source: The Raven ) Grade Level Lesson Plan Goals Outcome Grade 4 Exploring IdentityGrade 4 classes focus on the cultural expression of identity by learning about

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The Woodlands: The Story of the Mille Lacs Ojibwe narrated by Graham Green; includes video and teacher’s guide.

The Woodlands Video and Teacher’s Guide TO ORDER CLICK HERE

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