Ancient Villages & Totem Poles of the Nisga’a – Teacher Resources

Grade Levels: 6-9 Materials: Nisga’a Website Activities & Lesson Plans 1. Totem Pole Puzzle Activity: Activity | Lesson Plan 2. Totem Crest and Stories: Activity | Lesson Plan 3. Photo Analyses: Activity | Lesson Plan Learn more about Nisga’a Totem Poles, Worldviews and Clans at: The Nisga’a Arts & Culture website

7 Generations series (Grades 9–12) – Teacher’s Guide

7 Generations* is an epic, four-part graphic novel series that spans three centuries and seven generations. The central character in the series is Edwin. Edwin, an Aboriginal teenager, must learn of his family’s past if he is to have any future. The impact of his journey of discovery, and the revelation that follows, will changeContinue reading “7 Generations series (Grades 9–12) – Teacher’s Guide”

Full Circle: First Nations, Métis, Inuit Ways of Knowing (257 pg Teacher’s Guide)

Common Threads: Full Circle: First Nations, Métis, Inuit Ways of Knowing The Common Threads resources consist of high quality, classroom-ready resources for Ontario secondary school teachers. The lessons are designed using specific Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 5. EDUCATOR RESOURCES 8. VIDEO: WAYS OF KNOWING WHO I AM LAND 18.Continue reading “Full Circle: First Nations, Métis, Inuit Ways of Knowing (257 pg Teacher’s Guide)”

Lesson Plan: Lubicon Lake Nation

Materials: 1. John Goddard, The Last Stand of the Lubicon Cree (Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1991), Chapters 1-4. 2. Amnesty International Video titled “Our Land, My People” Length: (70 minutes = 1 hour and 15 minutes) Objective of Lesson: This lesson introduces students to the Lubicon Lake Nation and enables students to understand the contemporaryContinue reading “Lesson Plan: Lubicon Lake Nation”

Thematic Unit Colonialism and Racism

Overall Objective This theme focuses on Colonialism and Racism. The pain of the past provides strength for the present and wisdom for the future. Films grouped under this theme document the darker moments of the relationship between Aboriginal people and government agencies in Canada. (Note: Many sensitive issues covered in this theme; teacher discretion advised.)Continue reading “Thematic Unit Colonialism and Racism”

Breaking Down the Indian Act with Russell Diabo – YouTube Video

Jennifer Podemski’s Interview: Breaking Down the Indian Act with Russell Diablo Video Length: 35:03 mins Grade Level: Grade 6+ Breaking Down the Indian Act with Russell Diabo – YouTube. More Information on Russell Diabo: -Follow Russell Diabo at -First Nations Strategic Bulletin

Aboriginal Bullying Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers

Bullying Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers Lesson Plan Goals Time Ages Link LESSON ONE: The Impact of Bullying, Then & Now For students to draw a parallel between the oppressive nature of residential schools and the oppressive nature of bullying. For students to understand the impact of residential schools on Aboriginal communities and bullyingContinue reading “Aboriginal Bullying Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers”

Math First Peoples: Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context, Grades 8 and 9

The Math First Peoples Resource Guide is designed to help teachers of Mathematics 8 and 9 in British Columbia (BC) extend their existing practice to incorporate new approaches that make the BC school system more reflective of the realities of First Peoples in this province and improve overall levels of student success when it comesContinue reading “Math First Peoples: Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context, Grades 8 and 9”

Circle of Stories Lesson Plans: Grades 8-12

Circle of Stories Lesson Plans: Grades 8-12 Lesson Plan Subject Description Link Lesson 1: It’s All Part of the Story Language Arts/Theater Storytelling reflects the rich cultural and religious heritage of the generations before us, and it leads us to understand how our past has influenced our present. Use this plan to help students learnContinue reading “Circle of Stories Lesson Plans: Grades 8-12”

“Indian Givers” (2012) – Rocketship Productions Documentary (1hr)

“Indian Givers” (2012) is a mixed-art documentary film, produced by the Sarnia/Aamjiwnaang-based Kiijig Collective, made collaboratively by and for Native and non-Native youth, shot and edited by Ian Alexander of Rocketship Productions and SCITS student Sadie Mallon. This 60-minute film invites the audience on a journey with the characters by stepping into their lives asContinue reading ““Indian Givers” (2012) – Rocketship Productions Documentary (1hr)”

waec-teachers – 3. Residential School Resources

waec-teachers – 3. Residential School Resources. Wiki Spaces Aboriginal Education and Curriculum Connections for Winnipeg Adult Education Centre Educators Included are a selection of resources that may be helpful to further include an Aboriginal Perspective into your curriculum and classroom procedures. You’re welcome to Click the Edit tab above and add other resources to thisContinue reading “waec-teachers – 3. Residential School Resources”

Indigenous Games – educational activities

Living Traditions | NAIG Past & Present. Indigenous Games Educational activities based on traditional games. Experience Indigenous games and sports! Through these interactive activities, explore the qualities and capabilities that make one a great athlete: skill, teamwork, agility, discipline, stamina, strategy, strength and speed. Traditional Aboriginal Games Lacrosse Eastern Woodland Games Longball Wolf or HunterContinue reading “Indigenous Games – educational activities”