ibook: Lessons From the Earth: Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge

Lessons From the Earth: Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge Teacher Resource Kit – Primary Grades Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Description Lessons From the Earth is a resource guide for educators that provides a practical application of Indigenous Knowledge into the classroom. The focus of learning is grounded in a traditional Anishinaabe story, JiigContinue reading “ibook: Lessons From the Earth: Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge”

An Introduction to Residential School unit K-7

Link to An Introduction to Residential School unit SOURCE:Classroom Resources K-7 – Central Okanagan School District. YouTube Video Title: Shi-shi-etko Four days before having to leave her family and home for residential school, Shi-Shi-Etko learns how important it is to hold on to her memories. Director: Kate Kroll Author: Nicola I. Campbell Actors: Ta’Kaiya Blaney,Continue reading “An Introduction to Residential School unit K-7”

Rabbit and Bear Paws – stories based on the Seven Fire Prophecies and the Seven Grandfather Teachings

Summary From Website Rabbit and Bear Paws is for the young and the young at heart. This series is set in 1750’s colonized North America and features the comical adventures of two brothers, Rabbit and Bear Paws. Using Traditional Native Teachings and humour, the stories are based on THE SEVEN FIRES PROPHECIES and THE SEVENContinue reading “Rabbit and Bear Paws – stories based on the Seven Fire Prophecies and the Seven Grandfather Teachings”

Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom (2012)

This teacher resource guide, In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom (2012), has been developed to offer teachers information and guidance about how to incorporate authentic First Peoples materials into their instruction and assessment practices. Inside, you will find lesson plans, curriculum connections, assessment resources and suggested texts. 168Continue reading “Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom (2012)”

Junior (Grades 1-6) Lesson Plans – Four Direction Teachings(.com)

Lesson Plans to help you teach and understand Indigenous Worldviews and Culture (Source: http://www.fourdirectionteachings.com) About the project: Four Directions Teachings celebrates Indigenous oral traditions by honoring the process of listening with intent as each elder or traditional teacher shares a teaching from their perspective on the richness and value of cultural traditions from their nation.Continue reading “Junior (Grades 1-6) Lesson Plans – Four Direction Teachings(.com)”

Language Arts – Lesson Plans

Language Arts – Lesson Plans Book List Book Title Author Genre I’m In Charge Of Celebrations Byrd Baylor Picture Book (Prose-Poetry) A Salmon for Simon Betty Waterton Betty Waterton Baseball Bats for Christmas Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak Picture Book (anecdotal) Storm Boy Paul Owen Lewis Picture Book (Fiction) The Star People – A Lakota Story S.D.Continue reading “Language Arts – Lesson Plans”

Learning Activities: Canadian Museum of Civilization

Learning About Aboriginal Culture Title Grade Level Students will: Lesson Plan Making Do With What You Have Kindergarten-Grade 4 identifying plant and animal materials used to make everyday objects Lesson Plan Amazing Objects Grades 2-4 to interpret their artifacts by studying objects from the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s database Lesson Plan Discovering Objects Grade 5-8Continue reading “Learning Activities: Canadian Museum of Civilization”

On the Path to Health! Elementary School Nutrition Education Program

Published by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services, Quebec On the Path to Health! Elementary School Nutrition Education Program What is the On the Path to Health! program? – It is a program that is composed of 28 nutrition workshops – four different workshops for all seven elementary school levels,Continue reading “On the Path to Health! Elementary School Nutrition Education Program”

Berry Resources (Cultural uses, Literature Links, Berry Teachings) – Grade 1 -7

Aboriginal Resources – Topic: Berries Cultural uses, Literature Links, Berry Teachings, Facts and More Acknowledgements – Berry Resources – PDF. Curriculum Connections- Berry Resources – PDF. Chokeberries (Minisa)- Berry Resources – PDF. Cranberries (Minisa)- Berry Resources – PDF. Raspberries (Minisa)- Berry Resources – PDF. Saskatoon Berry (Minisa)- Berry Resources – PDF. Strawberries (Minisa)- Berry ResourcesContinue reading “Berry Resources (Cultural uses, Literature Links, Berry Teachings) – Grade 1 -7”

Seventh Generation Science Experiments Booklet

Seventh Generation Science Experiments Booklets (From: http://www.fnesc.ca/publications/index.php#T) Seventh Generation Club To create a club where First Nations youth can envision their future by recognizing their own energy, the culture of their people, and the teamwork needed to succeed by giving them opportunities to make healthy life choices, participate in their community, and to meet theContinue reading “Seventh Generation Science Experiments Booklet”

SMART Board Activities K-6 Teaching Treaties in the Classroom

NOTE: If you don’t have the Smartboard full software version, you can view the lesson plans with the SmartBoard Notebook Express software. available here. The Office of the Treaty Commissioner (otc.ca) – The following SMART Board Activities have been created for grades K-6.

Art-based curriculum (K-8)

The lessons in this resource guide exhibit only a few ways art, culture, and Ojibwe ideas can be integrated into K-8 classrooms. The lessons have been written, taught, and critiqued by elementary teachers of many cultures, including American Indians. They offer a starting point for teachers of any community to begin the important work ofContinue reading “Art-based curriculum (K-8)”