Thematic Unit Colonialism and Racism

First Nations Education Resources

First Nations Education Resources

Overall Objective

This theme focuses on Colonialism and Racism. The pain of the past provides strength for the present and wisdom for the future. Films grouped under this theme document the darker moments of the relationship between Aboriginal people and government agencies in Canada. (Note: Many sensitive issues covered in this theme; teacher discretion advised.)

Content Areas

Native Studies, History, Media Literacy, Social Studies, Language Arts, Citizenship

Films & Excerts

NB: Excerpts and related films can be viewed online free of charge at in the Colonialism and Racism.

Materials Required

Access to a computer lab, Internet connection, Web camera, data projector, flip chart paper or whiteboard, drawing paper and pencils.

Film-specific lesson plan for the film Mother of Many Children
Film-specific lesson plan for the film Riel Country
Film-specific lesson plan for the film Uranium

More themes available: The Arts, Cinema and Representation, Colonialism and Racism, Indigenous Knowledge, History and Origins, Sovereignty and Resistance, and Youth. These topics are very relevant to social studies curricula across the country. website