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A Timeline of Aboriginal Treaties in Canada
A group survey and visual presentation of important treaties and other documents relating to aboriginals.
(Ages 16 and up)

This Rich Land
An examination of treaty areas using geographical and historical skills.
(Ages 15 and up)

Some Quick Lesson Ideas (2)
Some more ideas which you can develop.
(Ages 13 and up)

Essays and Reports

Good Intentions…?
An examination of the motives behind Aboriginal treaties.
(Ages 15 and up)

Fun Activities

Aboriginal Treaties and Relations Crossword
(Ages 15 and up)

Tests and Quizzes

Aboriginal Treaties and Relations: A Test
(Ages 15 and up)

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SMART Board Activities K-6 Teaching Treaties in the Classroom

NOTE: If you don’t have the Smartboard full software version, you can view the lesson plans with the SmartBoard Notebook Express software. available here.

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner ( – The following SMART Board Activities have been created for grades K-6.

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